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Deltech Manufacturing has several products that are designed for the Outdoor Lighting Industry, including lighting pole caps and vibration dampeners. Deltech's self-locking utility pole cap is made from a tough glass-filled polyester, which is a durable material designed to withstand aging and weathering in an exposed hostile environment. They are black in color to withstand the sun's ultraviolet rays. Our caps are designed to fit most standard sizes of both round and square metal lighting poles. We also can make custom sizes if they are needed in a high enough volume. They are also ideal for other applications such as flag poles, goal posts, and mail box posts. They work equally well in straight or tapered poles and will prevent dust, water, and other debris from entering the pole and causing damage. These caps are designed for easy installation with no tools required. They snap into the pole using specially designed clips to lock it into place. These caps have been in use around the country for more than 20 years, so you can be assured that they will last. Most common size caps are kept in stock and can be shipped out immediately. Click here for a listing of sizes that are available.

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We also manufacture an aluminum vibration damper for both aluminum and steel lighting poles. Utilizing a damper that is placed 2/3 up from the bottom of the pole, they serve to reduce vibration caused by wind gusts and greatly increase pole life. Vibration dampers are stock items and can be installed on most standard light poles. Please consult your pole manufacturer for the regions of the country which dampeners are recommended. Please contact us at the number below if you are interested in a quote on your next job.

Installation Instructions:

1) The vibration damper can be installed inside or outside the pole. (Inside is recommended for cosmetics)

2) Measure up 2/3 of the way from the bottom of the pole and drill (2) 1/2" diameter holes 13-3/4" apart.

3) Remove the handhold cover on the pole. You will need wire or something similar to raise the damper in the pole at the height of the 1/2" holes.The best way to do this is to run the wire through the top hole you drilled, down the pole to the handhold cover. There is a hole in the top stud of the damper to attach the wire.

4) Once the studs are in position install the washers and nuts.

5) Remove the wire and replace the handhold cover.

Download Full Installation Instructions

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